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Casual Romances

Serious Relationships

Female Member: "I tried SA, MM, Apps, everything online. I quit. Too many men are fakes or flakes. Finding Mr. Right is like a full time job lol. Between grad school and internships, I have to time for nonsense. 
First Date Club introduces me to Real Men. I feel safe because each man is personally recommended. FDC actually takes my phone calls. I can speak to my matchmaker. Try that online." 
FDC only accept the top 1% of marvelous men and gorgeous girls inside and out. Please See How We Work below...
FDC Casual is about spontaneous romances.
FDC Serious is about timeless relationships.
Go your own way. Loveliest Ladies Join Free.

FDC vs Online

It's a waste of time and money to make dates with seemingly attractive people only to see posers and wannabes show up. FDC eliminates this nonsense by knowing our members.


Secrecy is our Highest Priority: profiles are private and offline protected by proprietary software. See How We Work.


Unlike Online where any imposter can join, FDC speaks with each potential member. Our litmus tests are: Do we like you? Do we think you will show up for dates? Will you be a great brand ambassador for The Club?


Our Mission is The Perfect First Date --- Every Time!

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Casual or Serious

FDC Casual

Casual specializes in spontaneous romances. At times in our lives, we prefer the leisure of no drama, no maintenance, on-demand romances to fit our busy, discreet lifestyles. Imagine the Top 1% of sugar sites and apps. That's FDC Casual. 

FDC Serious

Serious specializes in timeless relationships. Members seek The One they haven't met. We set men up on more perfect dates in 3 months than they can make in 3 years. Imagine the Top 1% of marriage material. That's FDC Serious.


How We Work

  • We send men members links to full private profiles of gorgeous girls who fit each man's criteria: no limit.

  • We then send his private profile to the women he chooses and pitch him pointing out his finest attributes.

  • Women trust FDC: 95% Yes to all dates. The power of our personal reference is priceless. No fact proves this more: people are dating safely during Covid at FDC.

  • We can then either set up your dates to remove the annoying back and forth and/or exchange numbers.

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Perfect Feet

Casual Reference

"My free time is too precious to sift through sugar sites and apps, chit chat chit chat, then waste more time with women who are not who they pretend. FDC screens all the girls accepting only the best, saving me time, trial and error.

I don't do anything. FDC matchmakers send me profiles of vetted gorgeous girls. I pick who I like. If I want extra details, I call. Every date is exactly who I expect. No fakes or flakes. I am happy to be a reference."
James, Member 2012 ~ 2020

Serious Reference

"I met The Team 2010. I warned them I was recently divorced and ready to date, maybe even have a girlfriend, but I knew I would never marry again. One replied with a grin: 'We'll see about that.' 

I will never forget how FDC took interest in what I wanted in a woman. After numerous great dates with truly wonderful women, sure enough, FDC introduced me to my Miss Right. Now 10 years married. How about that ?" Josh, Member 2010 

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