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by Richard Easton


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#1 Private Dating 2010

"I tried every dating site and app online. I quit. Finding a decent man is a full time job. Between grad school and internships, I had to time for nonsense.
First Date Club introduces me to Real Men. I feel safe because each man is personally recommended. FDC takes my phone calls. I speak to my matchmaker. Try that online."
FDC is Top 1% of Great Guys & Gorgeous Girls.
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"My free time is too precious to sift through dating sites and apps, chit chat chit chat, then waste more time with women who are not who they pretend to be: pics, age or weight.


FDC screens all the girls accepting only the best, saving me time, trial and error. I don't do anything. FDC matchmakers send me profiles of vetted gorgeous girls. I pick who I like. If I want extra details like personality or expectations, I call. Every date is exactly who I expect." James 2010~2021

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Casual or Serious

FDC Casual

Casual specializes in spontaneous romances. At times in our lives, we prefer the leisure of no maintenance, on-demand romances to fit our busy, discreet lifestyles, typically men over 50 and women under 30. FDC Casual is the top 1% of smart, adventurous, gorgeous girly girls. 

FDC Serious

Serious specializes in timeless relationships. Members seek The One they haven't met. We put men on more great dates in 3 months than they in 3 years. We are happy to provide references of couples early as 2010. FDC Serious is the top 1% of beautiful, monogamous minded women. 


How We Work

  • We send men links to full private profiles of gorgeous girls who fit each man's criteria: no limit.

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  • We then send his private profile to women pointing out his finest attributes: 19 of 20 say yes.

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  • Women trust us. Our personal reference is priceless: members are dating safely at FDC.

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  • We set up your dates to remove the back and forth plus give you feedback the day after dates. 

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Casual Romances

Secrecy is Priority

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Serious Relationships

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