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Casual Romances

Casual specializes in spontaneous romances. At times in our lives, we prefer the leisure of no maintenance, on-demand romances to fit our busy, discreet lifestyles.

Serious Relationships

Serious specializes in timeless relationships. Most Members seek The One they haven't met. We put men on more "great dates" in six months than they go on in six years.


FDC is the Top 1% of Gorgeous Girls and Marvelous Men. We are not the riffraff found on dotcoms or apps. All members are screened for the finest qualities inside out. 


Privacy is our Priority. Private Profiles are unsearchable except by FDC. We send you links to members who fit your criteria. Members limited to 100 men and 1000 women.


Male Members

"My free time is too precious to sift through sites and apps, chit chat chit chat, then waste more time with pretenders. FDC is a dream. James 


"I don't do anything. Matchmakers send profiles of vetted gorgeous girls. If I want details, I call. Each date is exactly who I expect." Chris

"I sat down with FDC in 2010 after interviewing with several self-proclaimed high-end matchmakers. I will never forget how FDC took a unique interest in who I wanted in a wife. I married 2011." Josh

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"I tried online. I quit. Finding a decent man is a full time job lol. Between grad school and internships, I have to time for nonsense." Emily
"I feel safe because FDC vouches for their men. FDC takes my calls. Try that online." Nicole 


FDC is happy to provide references of people who joined The Club since 2010: Contact Us

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How We Work

We send men links to full private profiles of gorgeous girls who fit each man's criteria: no limit.

We then call the women he likes personally, pointing out his finest attributes. With approval we send pics.


Women trust us. Our personal reference is priceless: the power of a personal introduction is everything.

We can set up your dates to remove the back and forth plus give you feedback the day after dates. 

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#1 Private Personal Introductions Since 2010


Casual Romances

Secrecy is Priority

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