Style Magazine 2021

Out of the depths of darkness, vaccines injected bright light into dating. I sat down with Richard Easton of First Date Club to discuss his path forward.


Is FDC more fun than M&A?

Goodness yes. Dating is all my finance friends talk about, mergers of a different kind. (laughs)


How is FDC different than Online?

FDC is the antithesis of online dating. Imagine the difference in Payless vs Polo Ralph Lauren. FDC is bespoke. We are the top 1%.

What is dating’s future?

We’ve seen a huge uptick in casual dating these past 11 years. Men and women seek less drama in romance. Casual is 50% of biz.

What inspired matchmaking?

I’ll always be on Wall Street but I could not resist the allure of bringing a fresh perspective to dating. We personally vouch for our members.

Anyone I know in The Club?

Secrecy is our highest priority. FDC safeguards their privacy. I am most proud of that plus the happiness we create in people’s romantic lives.